Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What kind of house do you live in

I created these cards for an ATC trade.  The Theme was houses, this is my thought on houses.  I don't know if it is what they wanted, but this is what I created.  I have already send them in.
Today is a go day, I am doing the laundry as I type, I do know how to multi-task.  I have to take the mother in law to the dentist and few other places.  I am meeting the shopper and the hubby out for dinner tonight.  And I need to create some art.  I have an idea percolating in my Brain and it needs to get out of there and onto some paper.


  1. I LOVE ATCs! I can just imagine these in that tiny format... so cool Lee.

    Just when I'm all obsessed with your portraits now you pull some landscape stuff on me -- I love it!!

    Your fan in germany,

  2. If they don't like them they're nuts! These ATCs are original and unique, showing different ideas about houses. I love the way your mind works!

  3. Now Lee, there's the idea of the day!

    Do the LAUNDRY while you work and play in the studio!

    I must do

    your ATC's are great..I especially love the last one..the statement...and the colours...I'm really into anything with a worn and vintage flavour these days!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina

  4. love these!!! hope you had a chance to get some art in today :)

  5. I'm with janet on this one... and I love the bird and cage one! wow these are great!

  6. I love these ATCs! The different kinds of houses are unique. I'd like to take part in an ATC you belong to a group?


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