Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The canvas

I just started this canvas
it has about 3 layers of stuff on it
the figure I have painted with masking fluid
because I am going to work on the background and had the person already pencilled in
will keep you posted on my progress
its a gift for someone if they like it
today I am going to tell you a few things about me
6 songs on my ipod:
Tequila Sunrise - eagles
Both side now: joni Mitchell
Thinking out loud : Ed Sheeran
Travelling Solider: Dixie Chicks
Stay With me: Sam Smith
Please don't leave me: Pink
Books beside my Bed:
Art Journal Courage by: Dina Wakley
Fabric Printing at Home:  Julie B. Booth
Screen printing at home:  Karen Lewis
Image Transfers:  Courtney Cerruti
Last thing I bought was on Saturday I bought a 3x4 gelli plate
What I am wearing right now:
flip flops
blue jean capris
a light green and grey (new top) that ties at the side
and a old apron ( I wear aprons as soon as I get up till bed)
okay now you know a bit more about me, and I bet you didn't
want to know even that much
so see you all tomorrow


  1. I love it! My daughter wears aprons too...she likes old thrift shop ones my friend found her, yet she has funky new ones with cupcakes on them. Can't wait to see the completion of your canvas! I love a very eclectic array of new and old music. Thanks for sharing nice to know you better!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Good luck with the canvas Lee!

  3. Anonymous1:58 PM

    about the above...of what you are listening to, reading, wearing....etc. Who cares?!!! So boring!
    I could care less what you are wearing!


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