Wednesday, May 06, 2015

A saga of my life

This is one of my index card challenges,  card I did I think last year.
I like the pony's and I love to go to the races and bet I have a
bit of gambling fever running through my blood I don't go to often (lol)
well today started out bad, first I was at my daughters checking the
house and I let devil dog out in the yard and I went out
with her, closed the door, and guess what its locked.
So there we are , first out in a raging snow storm,
locked out, no phone, no purse, no keys, no leash,
the snow is coming down in buckets, I am in my sandals,
we go down the ice filled stairs, she lives in a townhouse,
walk around the complex to the back where the garages
are attached, lucky they have this thing outside you can
punch a number in and open the garage, I let devil dog
in the car, and then wonder what the hell I am going to do.
She has already informed me there is no key hidden
anywhere, so be careful with the door.  So as luck
would have it, her neighbour who she does not know
happens to be going out and I stop her and ask
if she has a cell phone so I can call my husband,
and that's what I did, and he came with a key to the house.
so I guess I learned my lesson, don't go out her door unless you check
to see the door is not locked.


  1. Love your racing horse, he seems ready to win for you. Oh, the key story, we went through the same thing in my mothers apartment in Spain. No extra key what so ever. It ended up the caretaker climbing the balconies to enter the apartment, with flip flops on his feet only. I have never been as scared in my life.

  2. omg that sucks big time. Something similar happened to my daughter at our place...she went out back in her housecoat and not much else and something slipped against the sliding glass doors...she couldn't get back in and had no phone. She had to wait for me to return and of course that was the one time I took my sweet time... it would have been funny if she wasn't so upset!! Glad you found a phone!!

    Hugs Giggles


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