Friday, May 22, 2015

Have you heard.....

I am so excited, guess what I finally won something
and something I have been wanting
I won a free blogger custom blogger template from
Lately I have been feeling blah about this blog
you know I have tried to make it look better
new banner etc, but if you don't know
enough about code you just cant do it.
so stay tuned for a new looking
exciting redo of my blog........


  1. How exciting. Congratulations on your prize.

  2. Congratulation! You make me really curious! Meanwhile I hope your lovely lady in red got some sunshine!

  3. That's awesome, Lee! I've wanted to do a header for my blog, and wondered if I could pull it off on my own, but I haven't sat down to figure out what is involved. I like your swimsuit girl!

  4. Hey Lee where is your other blog...I had it on my side bar all I can find is this one! I'd like to help you get it up and running again no charge...send me an email. I can only do it when I'm on my p.c though!!

  5. Wow! Congratulations! That's awesome.


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