Monday, October 02, 2006

Are Two heads better than one...

weill i got these two heads the other day at the thrift store, dont ask me what I am going to do with them, but I could not leave the store without them, I might collage them, or paint them, I keep looking at them, something will speak to me and I will know what to do. Today was other beautiful fall day, I am going back to work on Wednesday, I am feeling much better now so I think I am ready to go back,,,,, I went down to the studio tonight and finished a scrapbook page with my daughter in it (halloween about 12 years ago) you could say I am behind...I dont scrapbook in any order just when the mood strikes and the pictures. Other than that I did not do to much more so I wont bore you with the mundane aspects of my life. I did go to the favourite store for a the letter T came out 25 dollars poorer but happy. Well am going to bed got to get back into the mode for work. So talk to you tommorw.


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