Monday, October 23, 2006

Who makes the fashion rules....

Why did i create this art....the other day my daughter came upstairs in a beautiful white hoodie, and the hubby says to her dont you know your not suppose to wear white after labour day, to which she replied who made that rule. Who does make these rules, whats wrong with wearing white after labour day (and not just winter white) I say lets all rebel and just wear white. I made the rule if your butt is bigger than a quater please do not wear a thong on the beach. Well today I got my caps on my front two teeth, I feel like a movie star don't they have all their teeth capped. I went arount all day just smiling and nobody noticed of course my mouth was still frozen and I looked like a dumb ass. Well hubby went to the hockey game with his new employer tonight just a little get to know you. So am expecting him home anytime. Well I am going to be healthy tommorow so I am going to make my lunch. Talk to you tommorow...


  1. Anonymous2:14 PM

    I am with you "Down with the Fashion Queens". What are you wearing when I see you next, I don't want to have on our matching outfits!
    You and your friend are both so artsy & talented. Your inner thoughts come out in our art and I learn something about you with every piece you do. Your friend has always had a eye for color and it her designs are so unique and gorgeous. Take a chance in life do what your heart tells you.
    Guess Who?

  2. not Linda but close6:25 PM

    well let's hope the oilers fare better than the eskimos or else why have a new employer!!!Hope you enjoyed your lunch.
    not Linda


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