Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Diamonds are a girls best friend...

Not quite diamonds.. We all bought jewlerry well we were on our Girls Weekend away, we found this bead store(our friend makes jewllery and was on the lookout for beads) and we found this bracellets all slightly different but all for the same case "Breast Cancer so three of us bought one, and the talented designer bought the beads and will make her own. Did not blog last night was very busy cleaning out the storage room, now I took a picture of it, how clean it is but my daughter suggested that nobody would want to see that. So I took all the stuff we did not want anymore to the Goodwill and the heavy stuff my husband took today, so its so clean in there you could sleep there.... (notice of proud, it was alot of work).Tonight my hubby and I went to the local pizza place for dinner, no pizza for me Spagetti, still trying to stay on my diet, so drumroll please or half a drum roll I only lost 1 lb but that is like one pound of butter. Well I did manage to make it down to the studio for a littlw while am working on mini album will have pictures tommorow. Well must hit the hay, still trying to make it to bed early. Talk to you tommorw.


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