Sunday, October 29, 2006

Snow in October not unusual....

Yep this is what it did all weekend, snowed. Now that is not unusual in this part of Canada where I live. But the past few winters have been quite mild, and really not much snow till January, I was hoping that would happen this year. Oh well we might get a warm chinook and it might all go away heres hoping. Well this weekend did not do to much, went to the bake sale and craft sale with my mom, bought some nice earrings from my friend the designer, had the two grandmas and the daughters boyfriend over for dinner and that is all. Next weekend we are having a big birthday (18 my daughter/Retirement part (for hubby) am looking forward to that, so this week gotta to get busy with the invites and plan the food. My hubby is retiring and has got another job. He just could not retire and not work he has to be busy, and I agree with him, or there would be a divorce in this family. Well I should go, gotta to get ready for that ride to work in the morning. The first morning of work after a snow is a nightmare, I quess people forget that we get snow every year....Talk to you tomorrow.


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