Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Girlfriends....

Found this card today well browsing through the card section at Walmart, it just made me smile so I bought It. I love cards...Well this weekend has flown by as usual, but It was great. I went did some accessorie shopping today for my house. I bought some new lamps for the family rooms. New cushions for the living room. Some small desk items for me to redo in the studio, on sale for 2.00 each and really cute. But no art, I did work on my Lab 555 book with some new ideas, things that I want to to try, paint techniques etc, but not much else. I am going to spend the afternoon in the studio working tommorow, so may be tommorow night I will have something to post. Watched the DVD Flags of the Fathers, I thought I was long and the last part dragged on, but really not a bad movie. Well must hit the road and hopefully talk to you all tommorow.


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