Sunday, February 11, 2007

Strangers at the Mall

A while ago while shopping at the mall, I got tired and decided to sit down have a diet coke and do what I like to do best People watch. While sitting there a woman approached me and asked if she could sit with me. Now my daughter always accuses me of being way to friendly to strangers, but that is just me. The lady and I just started talking, it started about how busy the mall was and went on from there. The lady wanted to talk to somebody (a stranger) she was wearing a turbine on her head and expalined why that she had just recently go through a bout of chemo and had lost her hair. From there on we discussed our lives, what we did and what we dreamed and what we wanted with our lives. A fairly heavy topic to do with a stranger, but I felt the need of her to talk. We talked about things we wanted to accomplish in our lives, and she told me 10 things she wanted to accomplish in 2007, she wasnt looking any further than that. I felt a connection with this stranger and we parted, we did not even tell each other our names, but we connected. Isnt that the way with some people you meet in your life just a instant connection. I didnt forget this woman and wanted to do this layout as part of my women series. This is from my memory she looked much better in person....Just wanted to share....


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