Sunday, February 25, 2007

Grandpa goes to War

This is a picture of my Grandpa (in the middle) going off to war, notice the price of the paper in the background 3 cents. I have been going through some old black and white pictures of my mothers and scanning them in hopes of making some projects out of them. My other grandfather was a chauffer ( i have a picture of that as well) i am going to post tommorow night. I have not been creating to much in the studio just really going down and playing around with my paint and paper making a few cards, throwing them away trying to get the creative mojo working, but its seems to be sadly lacking lately. Must be a blue period I am going through trying to sort out my life. In my goals for 2007 one of them was to take a course. Well I have been mulling that over lately and thinking about taking a University Certificate program in fine arts. What is holding me back, well a number of things:
1. I would be the oldest in the class
2. What if my art is lacking (I mean really lacking in talent)
3. I dont know If i have the nerve to do it....
Well I quess that something for me to start really thinking about. But on the brighter side we have a great art gallery in the city where I live. And at the end of march they are tearing it down to build another. So for the month of mARCH THEY ARE having an anybody art show. Today and tommorow you have the oppournity to bring your art down to the gallery and they will hang it for three weeks. Now when will you ever get to say I had my art hanging at the Alberta Art Gallery...I did not go today, but I am going to go tommorow. I am going to show my shoe project. I will take a picture tommorow of it and post it....Well enough of this for one night, I hope you are all having a great weekend.


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