Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I am not Spiderwoman...

I really am not Spiderwoman (lol). Well today was another day in paradise. Snowy, cold and just nasty. Took Sofie (the dog) for a Clip and Curl at the doggy spa and thats about it. Other than doing that housework I wish would magically get done by itself. I did do a little in my art journal hence the picture of spiderwoman . Hope you all had a more exciting day than me. In case you want to know what I have written which is unclear here it is...I was in some kind of mood when I wrote this today.

When people look at you do they really see the real you. Or do they see the face that you want them to see. Do they care enough about you to dig under your surface layer and delve into that place that you keep locked up tight. Do you want to unlock that secret place and share it ? (I know way to deep for a Wednesday.)


  1. I love what you wrote, it's so true. My day was pretty unexciting also:)

  2. First of all the artwork is stunning! I agree with you, what do others really see ...first impressions are not always what they should be ....

    Thanks for checking in on my blog, I love your comments!

  3. Krissie in winterwood4:05 AM

    no its not too deep - I am loving your insights into life! I agree with having a public and private face - and only letting others see what they want... fact of life eh? I think your piece says that very well. My days are quite boring too if thats any consolation?? lol!

  4. I could be Spiderwoman at least 2 days a week if I could look THAT good ... and I think how people perceive us depends on a) how we WANT to be perceived (are we open, letting ourselves be revealed and/or accessible) and b) the mood each individual looking at us is in -- if someone is tired and just had a flat tire in the middle of rush hour traffic, she probably won't see US the same way as if we had her in our kitchen feeding her fresh blueberry muffins and hot tea ... I ask this same question a LOT in my journal, and I have to remember to be patient with others at those times when I NEED to be seen (for the real me) but they just can't give it right then.

    [you're getting this long response because I was kvetching in my journal last night about how nobody ever listens to ME -- I'm always the audience]

  5. Thanks for sharing the words you wrote....they're very powerful and beautiful.

    The face you drew reminds me of what I drew on Jan 1st....I'll be posting it on my blog sometime later this week.

  6. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Nice page...I always have that mentality..every day. I can't shake the feeling that anyone wants to make the effort to get to know the real me...well..except for you guys...but that's about it! I really feel this way around my that terrible? lol

  7. Hi Lee!
    I've been emailing you with my address but it looks like you're not getting it. I just tried one more time - please let me know if you don't receive it this morning. Jessie

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