Monday, January 05, 2009

Inspiration Thursday Elephants

I have posted this one before but it fit perfectly with this week theme for Inspire me Thursday which is elephant.....and the way I feel today...


  1. Krissie who is really still at the beach4:44 PM

    I dont remember seeing this one Lee - its really good. I saw the theme and couldnt think of anything for that one! but had to kick start the old brain cells somehow so did the mixed media thing.... and I'm still at the beach so back soonish, just couldnt resist the challenge!

  2. ...another great peice of art Lee...ok, so are you planning what you are going to make for my new house? I love the colors that you have used..keep on creating and "embracing"!!

  3. wonderful! love the colors- and the copy.

  4. Your elephant is fabulous, Lee. I think I can relate to that feeling, since I ate WAY too much sugar over the holidays. Way too much. Happy New Year!

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