Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Finding Chi

This is me finding my chi...no not really I would not have a clue how to find my chi. But it is me relaxing. I have been stressed to the max lately and need some stress relief. So instead of me getting a facial I decided to paint it (lol). But today I am going to get a pedicure and just chill...so stress relief here I come. I tried the transfer technique on this piece on the sides you can barely make it out...i used transpariences I watch videos of everyone elee having no problem but me just does not seem to work.


  1. I love it!!....the colors that you have used give a person looking at it a sense of peace and relaxation....now go and get a pedicure sister!

  2. Krissie at winterwood8:10 PM

    yes, we all need to unwind and relax sometimes. I too have transfer probs and ruined a good peice of transfer paper and had to throw it out...because I made such a mess... ink went everywhere! I may need another tutorial on it too!

    now go and chill!! Love the painting!!!!

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