Sunday, January 25, 2009

She was a dreamer

I found this old picture of me and copied it and decided it needed to be in my journal. So here I am in my favourite summer attire when I was young, thongs (they are now called flip flops)and pedal pushers they are now called capris and with my eyes closed. I was down in the studio cleaning up because I again dont have my mojo going. I find going through my stuff usually helps and it did. I am also using this as my Inspire me Thursday - submission which is "peeling paint". Which I think I made this photo look like.


  1. stopped by and found that you'd posted in and yet my blogger shows no update of it - *sigh* and just loved the paint effect - its so perfect for this piece! wow! you were so pretty and that car reminds me of my dads old car from back then too.

  2. Thank goodness your mojo led you to some cleaning -- this page is sheer goodness! Yes, they ARE thongs (as opposed to the panty version) - we always called them that, too ... and pedal pushers.

  3. Sandy8:36 AM

    ...great peice of art Lee...I love the whole painting affect...really cool were, and still are a cutey!!! ...glad to see you back in your studio sister!

  4. I love what you did to this photo, Lee! And a great photo it is, too. We used to call them "thongs", too. But South Dakota (where I grew up) was always behind the times.

    I posted a tutorial on my blog for you...

  5. This turned out very nice. I like the name pedal pushers better. :)

  6. irene8:02 PM

    I like what you did on this page. The peeled paint gives a perfect background for your photo. Thank for sharing your art.



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