Sunday, August 09, 2009

I am Back

Hello, well I have been gone 2 months as of today., I missed blogging and talking about my exciting life and I know you are all riverted to your seats with excitement. What have I been doing since I left....Well alot of sitting on the deck, relaxing , enjoying the summer (or what was summer). I have been sketching and used crayon watercolours (as above). The giraffes should have 4 legs I know but artist liscence.

I cant get my links to I have given you the name of the blog..go to the side where I have all my blogs and click on will take you there.

I have been cruising the web and found some interesting sites here is a list of some new and old ones.

1. Dispatch from LA is where I am taking the course from,. if your not interested in the course she still has a wicked blog full of eye candy and gives great art tips.
Dispatch from LA

2. Do you like Martha Stewart. well I wish I was organized as her and of course had her money but I have a link to her daughters block thart is quite intersting, she gives recipes , books she likes, and she is moving into a new millions of dollar condo and she is having it renovated and shows update pictures....oh to be Marthas daughter.


3. Julie Prichard has always been a favourite of mine, she is witty, willing to share, and makes great colour combinations and has online classes, which I am going to take the book one in she is not paying me for this recommendation, after all those 5 readers of mine have probably given up on me.

Lost Luggage

4. And the last for today.....Tongue in Cheek an american, married to a French Man, living in provence with her kids and husband, (kids just about grown up). Her name is Cory she posts every day and I never miss her....check her out.

Tongue in Cheek

Now I know I have missed a few of my 5, like Krissie in Austrialia, and Toni in Phonenix, etc. But dont worry you will be on my list for next time.

I am big into ATC now dont ask me why, I never thought I would like them, but they seem to be going okay, I joined a group to swap...I thought If I changed up my art, I can only get better and and stay focused and committed to my art. Instead of losing interest and be boring. I decided I am putting the boring out the window and being more intersting stay tuned for the new me, or the old me....Glad I am back....I checked all your blogs almost daily even if I did not leave comments. I missed you all


  1. I think I must have commented on an older post earlier but it's good to see you and your art again. Love the giraffes. I've also been doing some ATCs again....entering a couple of swaps on Willowing's ning site.

    I'll check out the sites you mentioned that I'm not familiar with....of course I know Dispatch From L.A. I just finished watching all the videos from the new class and have started on my book!!

  2. A big giant welcome back and Martha's daughter has a show on cable either fine living or style where she critique's Martha with her friend. It is such a hoot. They are hysterical. Welcome back again I missed you!

  3. Welcome back Lee....missed you. I have'nt been doing too much blogging lately either.

    Love those little giraffes. Looking forward to seeing your artwork again.

  4. Anonymous9:49 PM

    I have missed you too and what a treat that youre back!!! boring...never!!! so looking forward to the new you too and lots of art as well as posts about your life, believe it or not but we all find you more interesting than you think! lol!

    Winterwood Krissie

  5. She's baaaaaAAAAck!! Whew. I was jonesing for ya, Lee. I know all those blogs except Martha Stewart's daughter, and I wholeheartedly second your Julie Prichard love ... I took her first class and am hoping to scare up the funds for the next one. With my youngest starting college, though, along with my oldest? this month, so far it ain't looking pretty. and personally, I love your giraffes.

  6. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Hey Lee
    its good to see you survived your break and yes I am also glad you are back as I missed reading your blog and keeping in touch with you it makes me feel like we are in the same city and not a province away
    keep it up talk to you soon
    love cousin Kathy in Vancouver

  7. Hi Lee! Welcome back!!!!! Glad to read you had a nice break from blogging! Glad you are back again.
    Definetly will be back again to read all our new posts!
    Smiles, Anke ;)


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