Thursday, January 21, 2010

Postcards from the Edge

Hunger- created with Pitt Artist Brush Pens
and Pan Pastels
Polar Express-Created with Pan Pastels and black sharpie

I have joined a Postcard Exchange (these are not yours Janet=yours are still a work in prgress), you create 10 postcards and you get ten back.  It at leas thas inspired me to do some art.  Go take a look over at
she has great examples, and explains the whole concept.  Plus she is one creative lady and I love her site, filled with great ideas.
Well today I am off to help my mothers friend with her DVD...I guess they think I have some kind of great electrical skills..I hope I can help..If not the hubby will have do it.  The hubby has been travelling quite a bit really far up north (Fort McMurray) he works for an oil comapany doing the labour relations work.  It seems every week he is away.I am not complaing I am enjoying this time on my own.  Well I guess I better hit the road dont want to keep the ladies waiting.  Talk to you soon


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