Saturday, January 30, 2010

postcard love

Spray Painted Background
Original drawing by me
Black pen
White out (correction)

1.  This might be my favourite postcard of all time.  I had the background done
ages ago in the summer when you can spray paint here.
I brought it out tonight and the penguin just came to me
only had to paint the white, used the background as the rest.

2.  Hubby and I took fridge apart as it was leaking water from the freezer. Cleaned
it all out, here is hoping it will work again.

3.  Weather not to cold, weekend has been great, warm  enough to have barbequed
steak tonight.
What have you been up to?


  1. Your penguin postcard is great! I'm making postcards, and think I'm doing pretty good until I come here and see yours....then I think I better do better on mine 'cause they look sad!

  2. like the background on this one

  3. Hi Lee: This is Emelie Saw you at Nora's and today I am going to go look at some of the blogs from the members taking her class. I think one knows the participants a little better after visits like this.

    What fun birds you do, I like the Penquin also but also that little red feathery bird in the painting below. Original and pretty.

    Maybe your working on the bonas
    class things today, your having fun if you are. Emelie

  4. Hello Lee! Been awhile since I have visited, but I think of you often. I love this one. Glad to see you are still out there creating!


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