Thursday, January 28, 2010

Its all about mittens, coleslaw and transfer techniques

Today I went out and bought a pair of these mittens, to show my Olympic spirit.  Ok there is not much snow in Vancouver where the  Olympics are, but there is a few days left for everyone to pray for snow.  Now usually Canada does pretty good in the winter Olympics, because we are a winter country after all.  Ok the USA and Russia do the best.  As you can tell I love the Olympics and I should be there....but who can afford it.  After I did the shopping I took my Mama for lunch and a bit of shopping for magazines that she likes.  Came home walked the devil dog, and made dinner. Today for dinner was cole slaw.  I make the best coleslaw (lol) blow my own horn., and chicken quesadilla and now watching the tv and thinking about transfer techniques that never work for me.

I usually buy the readymade coleslaw mix and add apples:
On the stove put 1/4 cup of
Stir till start boiling and take off heat
pour over your coleslaw and cover and put in fridge till ready to eat.  Stays good in fridge for about a week, not to greasy, not to sweet just right.

What did you do today?


  1. Anonymous10:08 PM

    coleslaw sounds yum!

    I booked my next holiday today! hooray!

    Krissie @ winterwood

  2. I LOVE the Winter Olympics the best - looking forward to the coverage!

  3. oh, woman -- I am SUCHA hoochie for cole slaw, and when my lovely mother hung up her apron, burned her wooden spoons, and said if it couldn't be done in a microwave she wasn't doing it, I lost my link to MY favorite slaw in the universe. I gotta gotta GOTTA try this recipe.

  4. HB loves cole slaw so I might try this....sounds yummy.

    Love the mittens, too! Hooray for the Olympics!

    I didn't have much time to do anything artsy yesterday....just my journal page. I never have good luck with transfers.

  5. Anonymous4:35 PM

    i have had 3 pairs of those gloves I lost the first pair so I bought an other pair and I left them in Nanaimo in a friends van so I bought a third pair so that the second pair would come back and they did now I have 2 pairs of them and I love them they are the best they keep your hands nice and warm
    love always your cousin in Coquitlam BC
    Kathy xxoo

  6. Well I already told you what I did today but I love, love, love the Winter Olympics! So much more then the summer Olympics. The figure skating, hockey, snowboarding, skiing even the darn speedskating. I guess we'll be scarce in a couple of weeks?


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