Tuesday, December 28, 2010


watching Private chefs of Beverly hills, with a glass of wine and my pjs
thinking about my life and what I am what to do and accomplish for 2011
thinking about having a turkey sandwich on caraway bread with cranberries delish
thought long and hard about my word for the 2011 it is     fearless

i want to be fearless in my life
fearless in my art
fearless in my relationships

this year has taught me alot - I looked after my mom for a year, and now I feel berfet like a big chunk of my life is goine, and I am just floating around.  Because I was so busy looking after my mom I let other parts of my life slip away or just ignored for the sake of my sanity..i let things go on in my life that had I been on it, wouldnt have happened.  So this year I am ready to tackle my  life.  I still feel fragile and unsteady and wonder If  i am strong enough to tackle something head on.  But truthfully I am ready I have put up with shit to long.

I was not going to say anything, I didn't tell you the issue, I am not that open in the cyber world just  knowing that I said something is a step for me. So this is all you will hear about this from me. 
Issues in my life affect me and my art, they tire me out and consequently making art has not been a big priority in life lately.  But I have been missing it and feel ready to do something creative anything with my hands to make me happy.

I have been like Julia Roberts, in EAT PRAY LOVE  I have been trying to mediate its not coming easy for me, my head wont stop and be still, but I am determined and keep trying.

Well this pity party is over for today, hope I did not scare you away with all this heavy stuff.  I promise to try and be more upbeat from now on




  1. Fearless is a good word.
    It's not easy sharing the ugly parts on the net. I understand that. But know that whatever it is, you are not alone.

  2. I think it's a great word, and you couldn't scare me away by being your true self. We all have our problems so don't feel alone. You know I'll always be here no matter what.

  3. Lee, speaking your truth takes a lot of courage! Good for you, and don't be sorry. Maybe this is an important step towards your new fearless year! I will lift a glass to all my blog land sisters. I'm looking forward to all the creativity in 2011. Hugs from germany, tj

  4. HI Lee, I love your word for 2011~ Fearless a big word and so worth to go for it! Fear is acutally a good thing to make you aware of danger but sometimes it's just too much fear of something.....I sure wish you a great start after this hard year and lot's of creating time for art. It's so worth letting your feelings go into art, go for it! Be brave you can do it!!!!!!!

    Hugs and smiles your way, Anke ;)

  5. Hi Lee....as far as I'm concerned, you are already FEARLESS. You are not afraid to be yourself and that is very important.
    You should never hide your true feelings or emotions.

    We are a bunch of tough broads here in blogland , so it takes a lot to scare us off. Like Sophie said...you are not alone.

  6. Well said, Lee. I am going through the same thing! My mom died 6 months ago and I, too, have been floating around. Let's start an new party together....leave the pity party behind. I have started posting again and said something to the same effect you just have....I'll be fearless with you!

  7. Hi Lee,
    Yeah, You go girl~Fearless you are!
    You have already taken one giant step into the right direction by acknowledging that things need to change!
    I'm rooting for you honey,
    Have a Fearless, fun filled, creative year in 2011

  8. Happy New year to you Lee and loved your post - so positive and fearless is a wonderful word. I am still racking my brains for my word for next yr. I will echo all the other posters words here too so go for it and hope your next yr is one full of art and fearlessness if thats a word? go FOR IT!!!

  9. Your artwork is heartfelt, as is your blog post.

    I wish you well in your year of fearlessness. Know that people tune in here to bear witness to anything you wish to share - the upbeat or the not so. You've just gone through something very difficult. You are among friends.


  10. Love the image you posted and even more so, your brave new attitude for the months ahead. I'll also be glad to put the old year away, and will join the rest in support of a new focus on fearlessness!
    Keep creating! :o)

  11. Anonymous3:41 PM

    It is a word that we all feel we should be but can not always accomplish I have faith that you will do it
    and I also honour you for being able to take care of your Mom as that is a hard job that not every one can do that is something I know you got from your mom as she was able to take care of Grandpa for a very long time you just need some time to put everything that has happened in the last year or so into place and then you will be as good as new or your old self which ever works best for you
    I am always here for you
    be strong and venture into the unknown of your art
    love always your cousin
    Kathy in Vancouver

  12. Sandy4:53 PM

    Hi Lee....be strong and be true to yourself...you need to look after yourself and put meaning back in your life....make yourself feel happy from the inside...it is each of our own responsibilities to make our own peace in our lives...you have the power to do this and live life as it should be lived....today is the day to take charge and make yourself priority #1!!! I wish you much peace and joy in the New Year...it is much overdue! Love from your ya-ya sister Sandy :)Talk to you soon...we are safely back in the Shuswap but I have been down with the flu since we arrived back home :( I must have picked up an Alberta Bug!

  13. You are well on the way to being "Fearless" with the steps you have taken so far this year. Your honestly reflects the type of person you are and that speaks buckets. Believe in yourself, you may think you haven't done much but you are taking giant steps. Keep going girl! Take time to pat yourself on the back whenever you do something out of your comfort zone.

  14. Anonymous7:16 PM

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