Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday mish mash

.I am recyling images,  I made this album about 2 years ago.  The album I am making this year, is a work in progress, that means its laying on the work table  in the studio not being worked on.  You will see it next year.

Today is a go day for me.I have a lot of running around to do and its not pleasant driving the roads after  a major snowfall and the roads are not cleaned yet.  I went to the doctor about this rash I have had now for 3 weeks, not really a rash more like chicken pox marks all over my body.  She said have \i had a sore thoart lately, I mentioned I had a little bit of a cold before I went to Arizona.  So this is what I have usually 10-35 year old get this viral infection after having a sore throat, usually if your immune system is run down. The name is really weird, but it goes away after 8 weeks, it usually will cover most of your body, except your face but not always.  \ok if this thing gets on my face, nobody will see me.  Because at the moment it is everywhere and itchy as hell.  She gave me a prescription for cortisone cream which I get today.

Number 2 tradition in my family is:   I buy an ornament every year since the shopper was born and give it to her as a Christmas present, so she can take these ornaments to her home and know that these are special ornaments that came from her family.  I would hope she will then start that tradition with her family when she gets one.

Question of the day:  Every year I have made something for Christmas, it might be a wreath, or an ornament but something.  Do you make anything for Christmas?


  1. I love your reindeer!

    I bake things - cookies! - and also try to make handmade gifts for my local friends each year.

    Hope you are feeling better very soon. :)

  2. I have had a rash for months too. My doctor calls it hives and oddly enough it started after some kind of cold or virus too.(or at least it seemed to).Let me know what happens!

    And I love your artwork also, I still remember all those beautiful pieces leading up to Christmas! So much creativity.

  3. About the only thing I make every year is cookies. When my kids were still small we used to make ornaments each year and I still have a few of them although they're looking pretty tired by now!

    The reindeer page is so cute.


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