Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Has the christmas bug hit you yet

This is an old but goodie that i did back in 2008.  I have been busy getting ready for Christmas.  I am done,
presents are bought and wrapped. Tree is up lights on (I bought a new tree with lights on already) still not decorated but soon.  Baking bought, no I did not bake this christmas, to much stuff has happened in the last two months and my heart was not in it.  So i bought it and froze it.  House is a clean as it is going to get.  The stockings are hung by the chimmeny with care and waiting for Santa to come.

We are in the midst of a winter storm here, the snow is coming down and the wind has picked up and the roads are a mess.  We were just out shovelling the driveway in hopes hubby can get out of the garage in the

My friends and I are going out for a pedicure, lunch and a movie on Thursday for a little holiday treat.  So do you have any holiday plans.


  1. oooo your date with your friends sounds lovely! and this art is so cute, I love how unsure the one chic is.

  2. Anonymous3:41 PM

    My tree is up but no lights or decorations yet may be tonight after my hockey game I will decorate but I have not done any baking either and I have not finished my shopping either so I am going to be very busy this weekend but our weather here is ok we don't have any of that white stuff just the liquid stuff
    Merry Christmas Lee and a Happy New Year to you and yours
    love always your cousin in Vancouver Kathy xxoo

  3. I hope your day out is lots of fun. I love the mistletoe art. So cute.

    Other than my family party I have no other plans. Once that's over I plan to veg-out for a few days and then dive into some art.

    I baked cookies today and probably will again tomorrow. We keep eating them!!

  4. I wish the xmas bug would hit me...feeling very unfestive for some reason this year!! love the cute birds!


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