Thursday, December 16, 2010

A tradition continues

This is a tradition that my family carried out each year, and my family carries on this tradition.  We have a receipt envelope set up and put in the kitchen cupboard.  And everytime some  one buys a gift they put the receipt in the envelope.  Then when all the unwrapping is done, and the presents re looked at and you don't really like it because its not your taste (the shopper) or it does not fit (the mother), or something is wrong with it.  You can just go to the Christmas return envelope and find the bill and not stress over where you put that bill.  The rule of the house is nobody looks in the envelope when putting there receipts in there.  Tell me one of your traditions.


  1. Anonymous5:13 PM

    the one tradition that I have kept up with is that the tree can not be decorated until the 17th as then my dad and my youngest's birthdays have past we must have birthday before christmas
    that is the only one that I have kept up with
    miss ya lots
    love always your cousin Kathy

  2. that is actaully a fantastic idea... so many returns after xmas and always the big hunt for the receipts! Must do this one...

  3. ps will still be reading blogs just not writing on mine! have a wonderful christmas!

  4. That's a smart idea, Lee! We don't have any official traditions..but I am actively on the hunt for some. We went to see the Grinch and I thought that could be the tradition...but not so much.. still looking. If it's just being together..that's good enough for me.

  5. This is a terrifically organized and clever tradition! Brilliant...

  6. Hi Lee, what a great idea.....our Christmas Tradition? Well, we celebrate the 24th with all family and my husband makes a delicious meal. That is our tradition so far, the rest is kind of changing year to year.

    Smiles, Anke ;)


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