Wednesday, June 19, 2013

my travel JOURNAL

I decided when I went on my road trip, that I did not want to take to many things with me.  Because I wanted to enjoy my time with my friends.  So this is what I took and made.
  1. first I decided it had to fit in my pencil bag, and it did.

click on picture to enlarge
2.  I would try to use only what I found while travelling. Brochures, receipts pictures etc.
     (I did take a baggie of stuff just in case) used very little of it

3.  I would try to draw and illustrate to truly make it mine
 Before I lleft I did two things, made a pamphlet booklet and made the map on the front page and the back
And that was all the rules I allowed , otherwise anything goes as you will see.

THE wine bottles were made out of candy wrappers that my friend
had in our room as a treat

I used a paper bag that I received when I bought some goodies, it had
images and stuff stamped on it

My friend bought some kale chips and I loved the label so I used it
it opens up and I can journal in it

Sometimes when you are doing a travel journal its nice
to put in things to do in the summer, animals you see on the highway
I have not drawn the animals I did see yet but I have saved a page just for that
That little fold out was given to me in a mail exchange
and it fit the picture of my friends perfectly

This is a map of Victoria, and I put some cards of places I wanted
to remember, and then drew on the map where they were

A lot of people now travel with pets, and I wanted to remember that,
on the opposite page, I drew some signs I saw along the highway
I made a pocket to store stuff, and add a shiny frame  on one of the images

Another bag page, that opens up and I made it so it stores stuff

I made a list of all the fruit that the Shuswap grows

And the last page of the map


  1. this is ALL very wonderful - I love them all! way to have a vacation!

  2. Boy did you do alot when on vacation! I like it all but I especially love your drawn map. What a great thing to do.

  3. Wow, what a vacation keepsake. I especially like all your drawings. :)

  4. Anonymous8:24 PM

    Thanks for sharing this is great

  5. Hi Lee...your travel journal is great...what a fun way to keep a record of what you did. I just came from reading your interview over at Karen's. I enjoyed finding out more about you :)

  6. OH Lee I just LOVED your journal its fantastic and shows how your art has progressed and matured in the most amazing way! again...just love it!

  7. Fabulous journal, so great to meet you on Mail Me Some Art. xox

  8. Love all your journalpages! Such a nice memory ...

  9. totally inspiring, Lee.

  10. SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL! :))))))) Thanks for sharing :)


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