Saturday, June 01, 2013

Time to dream

This is the month of the index card challenge, actually its two months, June and July.  But I am only doing it for the month of June.  I am taking july and august off blogging, its very quiet in the summer so its time to enjoy .  Anyway I have created 26 index cards so far, and scheduled all of them to
post.  They are all not great masterpieces but I had fun creating them and that is all that matters right. 
Are you going to play along? 


  1. Love the dream card! No I'm not playing along, just got myself a new cellphone and am struggling to learn all the new stuff.

  2. Wonderful! I really like your card!

  3. you're off to a great start. great idea to use one of your own drawings as a collage element.

  4. Great collage. Most excellent start to the ICAD challenge. :)

  5. what a great card... I like the way you also match up the words to your card.


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