Thursday, June 20, 2013


You know I thought I had created all the index cards for the month of June, but it turns out I am
missing a month.  I am going to try and create another weeks worth.  I will have to see how my
life goes in the next week.  Since I have been gone on vacation for over a week, I have a lot of
stuff that needs to be caught up on.  Hubby needs some attention, my dog need attention, and I need to get back on my diet.  I had a really good time on my vacation, we had nice weather, and I got a little bit of a tan, but not enough for me to wear that new dress for the wedding, so I am going to
either get a spray tan, or go tanning.  I know its not great for your skin, but I am looking whiter than white bread, and I am wearing bare legs, so a tan is a necessity.

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