Saturday, June 08, 2013

a shout from the garden

Are you sick of these index cards yet. 
Well today is all about packing, cleaning the car, and get a few things organized around
here, so all hell doesn't break loose when I am gone.
Whats on your day?


  1. i'm enjoying your cards v much!

  2. Loving the index cards Lee. This is very smudgy which I like very much. Have fun organizing. I am late up today and having a lazy start. Later I may walk, or write or both. However I also need to shop for the family, and maybe some crafty things for me too (want shopping not need shopping).

  3. I'm never sick of index cards, which is a good thing since that's what's on for my day today!

  4. I'm never sick of your index cards or any of your art.

    Today I'm cleaning the house and maybe doing a little bit of art...and later maybe HB will take pity on me and take me out for dinner!


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