Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Flower Tales

another picture that was painted by me on paper
I am going to frame this one and put it in my house
I loved doing this one, I painted, scrapped, used
old paper, painted over it, mixed colors, and
generally just had some fun,  not caring about the
outcome.  And since I didn't care, it took
a life of its own on and this is what showed up.
I have been having some problems with my knee
you know the knee goes first, and its all downhill from there (lol)
anyway went to the dr.  and she says its could be a baker cyst
pressing on the nerve, making the knee unstable.
So on Friday I am having a x-ray, and ultrasound on it
So until then I am suppose to take it easy
I guess that means no housework or at least that's what I told the hubby.


  1. fabulous painting! feel better soon!

  2. oh my gosh, that is a gorgeous painting! good thing you don't need your knee to paint!
    (hope you get some relief quickly)

  3. I love the soft look of this, and the background that makes it look as if it's floating in water .... Hope your knee will be okay! You definitely can't do any housework with a painful knee ;-)

  4. I surely do hope your knee will heal soon. Lee, this one is a winner! Wow, how very well done, I would have framed it too.
    I'm busy doing homework for class, and it's the most enjoyable thing I have done for ages. That's the reason I haven't been much around lately.

  5. This is so beautiful, Lee. Love the colors and massive layering.

  6. This is a gorgeous painting. I hope your knee gets better!

  7. Beautiful painting Lee. Hope your knee feels better soonest.


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