Tuesday, October 22, 2013

birds of a feather


had a great weekend
 today bought a new collage book
I should have just made one
steak, sweet potato and salad for dinner
City Council election for my city is over
my candidate lost by 70,000 votes
I guess I better not pick the lottery numbers anymore
ordered a DVD of Walking you weight off by Leslie somebody
if only it was that easy
going to give it a try
ordered some pens that are suppose to write over anything
we will see
what's on your dinner menu
do you have go to favourites you eat all the time?


  1. I really like these birds, and your striped backgrounds and the deep colours.

  2. Anonymous4:49 PM

    I hadn't realized you were back. Love what you've shown and it's good to have a break. If the pens work I want to know about it - I never seem to use the ones everyone raves about. I just junked up another one today. No matter what your weight, walking is great for the mind and body. I think I'll do it one of these days - ha!

  3. Hi Lee,
    Your pen pal here. I've been using Leslie Sansome's walk aerobic videos, for many many years. It's a great way to get exercise, without having to think too much. Good luck!


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