Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Meet Ruby...,.

time to meet ruby, I have finally finished her or almost
and she's ready to go to a new home
I am really nervous about that
I am giving her as a gift and really what can they say
but oh thanks you shouldn't have
maybe they really are saying, what the hell was she thinking
we will have to bring it out when she visits
I had stamped on there
Stay Strong
and it looked crappy so I ended up repainting over it
ah the beauty of fixing mistakes and have
decided to use paper instead that still has to be done
I plan on giving it this weekend, if I don't chicken out


  1. love her eyes they are very expressive! I like the painting and would be v happy if someone gave me one! well done you!

  2. She's lovely! I think the recipients will love her!

  3. Oh Lee, I do hope you didn't chicken out! This is a very beautiful work, and she looks so expressive. I bet they will love to get her as a gift.

  4. Love this! You've come a long way in your faces.

  5. Gorgeous Ruby. A lovely gift.


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