Saturday, October 26, 2013

a peek into my travel journal

click on picture to enlarge

This is my Ottawa art journal from July
I had fun making this one
today is a typical fall day
beautiful, leaves out in all there glory
everyone out rakeing them up
because tonight its suppose to SNOW
I know what's that about
but I hear its going to be nice next week
so the snow will probably be all gone
tonight its spinach salad,
homemade chicken soup
and French bread
the hubby is not feeling well
so you know the saying
chicken soup makes anyone feel better
ok maybe you don't know that saying
but its something like that


  1. Hi Lee...glad you are back! I didn't realize it until I peeked in...just in case. I've been looking over all the past posts I missed...I love your style! This looks like a great travel journal...did you use a Moleskine? Welcome back and keep doing what you do!

  2. I just found your blog and I like please don't stop!

  3. Snow already!!? Yuk! I wouldn't be ready for that! Love these pages ....

  4. I think your pages are really professional, I wish I could make mine like that.......erm...if I still did art that is! hope your dh is feeling better soon, and yes chicken soup is supposed to cure everything!

  5. I hope the chicken soups helps him feel better. Love your journal pages. Fancy snow already! It's not November yet.

  6. Lee, these pages are great, seems like you had fun on your trip. Oh, so chickensoup cures everything........ here it's warm milk with honey that has that specific job. More like a threat to me, that's why I never need it. I hope it works for your husband though!

  7. oh how wonderful! a person could get lost in a book like that...

  8. Anonymous3:05 PM

    It is now an official saying because chicken soup does make everyone feel better. Well, maybe except vegetarians. But we'll just ignore them for the moment. Hope the hubby feels better soon.


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