Wednesday, May 21, 2014

facebook art

did you know that I am on facebook,
I don't have a million friends
and I am not on there every minute of the day
I don't do intstagram, or twitter
I am very old school tech
I did join facebook under my non married name
so if any of my old friends wanted to find
me there could.  Have they, no, have I found
any of them only 1. I also set it up so that my blog, updates on my facebook page
which I found to be very cool.   Anyway I also joined a few
art groups which I enjoy.  The one art group I really like is run
by April Cole it called The studio here is the link
they have swaps and challenges and everyone is
very supportive no drama allowed.  Anyway the whole point of this story
is , the one challenge was to make a little book with places to put stuff,
April did a little video on how to make them, and then you signed up and
were assigned a partner.  Anyway April Cole was my partner, and this is
what I received today from her, very cool, you could keep anything in here
hand out business cards, etc. Also a picture of what was included.
So if you want to join, you have to join Facebook, I was weary of it,
but its working for me


  1. Love that envelope book! I bet you'll find it very useful too.

  2. Lovely little book. I'm not on Facebook but glad to hear it is working for you.

  3. what a great book! love the way things can fit into it neatly!

  4. Great book and love the colours. Am on facebook. If you send me your facebook link then I can find you. Annette x

  5. I love that book! How useful and artful too.

  6. I love your little envelope book. It looks beautiful and functional! So clever!


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