Friday, May 16, 2014

The colour of india

Have I ever been to India the answer is no
but I love there colour pallet
deep pinks and yellows, and
that is what I tried to capture here
though my elephant looks like she
is malnourished, I should have
beefed her up a bit, oh well.
I am back in the rhythm of making
postcards, I love making small art
do you like making small art?


  1. rather small than large - I get overwhelmed and enjoy smaller pieces, they somehow feel more do-able!

  2. This really is an Indian looking card. love their colours as well.... I must say I prefer working big. Although small is often easier to do in between, so I do both ...

  3. I like working small too. You've used those great colors beautifully!

  4. mir gefallen ihre bilder sehr !!! lg beate


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