Friday, May 30, 2014

The tale of the Mosquito

so far this spring, the weather has not been great,
a little bit of snow, rain, and sun.  Perfect
breeding grounds for the dreaded mosquito.
Here where I live, we have a short
spring, then summer, then its fall.  So you like
to enjoy your summer nights out on your deck, wherever
but this dreaded bug does not allow it.  You can
smother yourself with bug spray, use citronella,
but it seems to like anything.  Anyway this
is my drawing of the bug.


  1. You do such good drawings.

    We seldom have mosquitoes here...but we do have lots of ants.

  2. I love your drawing, it looks so real. We have mosquitos too, but not bothering me. I don't have that sweet blood, handyman though, is the sweetest thing. LOL.

  3. Love it! We have plenty of mosquitos here in Italy...


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