Thursday, May 15, 2014

It was a hell of a night

you know I have to create
even when I don't feel like and I sit down
just to watch TV, I have to create
something a small drawing, a little
collage, something.  Do you ever feel like that.
Take last night all hell broke loose around
here the hubster left the bathroom sink running,
and flooded the bathroom, which of course
then dripped down the wood windows and
onto my hardwood floors, and of course
the ceiling is dripping, I have buckets
everywhere, but I had to create
and this is what came out


  1. That's what you call commitment. Hope you get everything sorted soon.

  2. oh dear not a great night Lee. Love your page, Annette x

  3. OMG! what an awful evening you had! I hope those wood floors dry out ok!

  4. What a dramatic piece, full of curves and partial circles. One of your most fascinating pieces, don't you think? And I hope everything dries out well too!

  5. Doesn't sound like a fun evening! I hope your floors are okay. Didn't you just have them put in?

  6. This piece is really good too. I love how it looks a bit secret, and you made the text as a bowl too. Love it!
    Hope everything dries out quickly.


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