Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cant load an image today....

Don't know why I cant load an image today but will post anyway and try to get an image up later. Well how are you all.....I had a great day today, went out with my friend to Costco and Lunch. Everyday is out of the house tonight, hubby at a hockey game, and the daughter at work, and what am I doing cleaning the fridge and hanging around on the intenet now how exciting is that. I love Costco, I don't have a card, but my friend does ,I go with her when ever I want anything. The sizes of everything are way to big for this family, now if I had boys like she does, its another story. Last night I cleaned the studio and threw out stuff I thought I would use one day and that day never comes, it just takes up space and this is the year I am make space in my life....the studio looks and feels 100% better, tomorrow I am going to hang up some of my art,I dont have anything hung up in there of mine, but I will starting tommorow, another big step. I have been thinking about my life lately it must be my age and all the things I have done, and all the things I want to do and accomplish and I made a list and this is the year that some of those things get taken of the list. Well hopefully tommorow I have something that is a tad more interesting than me....Talk to you then.


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