Monday, January 29, 2007

Lets Get Physical.....

I know its not Thursday, but decided to upload my image today, I will fill it in on Thursday. I used paper for the skirt, drawn the legs and the shoes, used art felts and paint. I think that's all it needs. Sometimes I have a hard time knowing when to quit putting stuff on, and then it ends up looking like crap, and I do not use it. My motto should be less is enough. Had a great weekend did not do to much, alot of flu over at my house, both the hubby and the daughter two weeks ago both had bad colds, now they have it again, only worse. I am taking the daughter to the Dr. tomorrow. The hubby well you know men, I am OK no need for the doctor for me. I of course am in perfect condition, what would happen if I got sick, who would look after them (of course me who else, isn't that a mother duty in life, Ha Ha,) Well I did some art in the studio, tried some new techniques (with paints) I will scan it tomorrow and show you, I got the idea from the Somerset Studio Magazines. I also found the coolest website called I don't know how to link, if anybody out there does, could they email me and tell me how. Anyway if your interested in creating stuff this is the place to go, each Monday they have a Monday challenge and they show you how to make the project, totally cool. Well I wanted to post early, because I want to go down to the studio and "gomakesmothing".


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