Thursday, January 18, 2007

Drowning in a river of water. week 2 of the journey

Well I lost 5.2 lbs and I am thrilled, how did I do it, well certanily not eating my favourite foods. But I did and I am trying, so drink a bottle of diet coke for me. Well I have been busily doing not much in the studio but making a real big mess, but I did manage to create this. Hubby just got home from the Hockey Game and the daughter just got home from work, so it's a busy house around here tonight. Well not much news tonight except the big loss so I am pyched. Well I talk to you tommorow I got to think of my Studio Friday entry......


  1. ptcruiser soon to be jetta girl10:54 AM

    5.2 is a great start. Just think how much a 10 lb bag of flour weighs and now you are carrying 5 lbs less.
    I could only hope for that great a start.
    We will make 2007 our year to be the perons we dream of being knowing it won't change us as people just make us healthier.
    Looking forward to seeing your result next week.

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