Saturday, January 06, 2007

Studio Friday....Changing Names

had been thinking about this Challenge for a couple of days. I talked to my mother about it, and she in turn related a story to me I had long forgotten.In about grade one, the first day of school I told my teacher that they had got my name mixed up, my name was Patsy not Lee, (Patrica was my middle name). Hence the class began to call me Patsy…until meet the teacher. In comes my mother , the teacher asks whose mother are you, well I am Lee's mother. The teacher then says oh you mean Patsy….needless to say I was Lee from then on. As a child and a teen I always disliked my name for many reasons, first I thought it was a boy's name, second it was to easy to remember the teachers always knew my name immediately. And last I wanted some exotic artsy name like Natasha, or Victoria not plain Lee.. Now as an adult I cant imagine being any one else. My name goes with me, and its so easy to say, unlike my married last name which nobody can spell or pronounce. I think my mother could have been a little more daring and at least spelled my name Leigh. But on the other hand she named my other Sister Delta, now that's another story…..


  1. I love that story! This topic had produced some wonderful ones but I like your spunk! What a confident child you were! Thanks for playing with 'my topic'!

  2. It's been interesting to see how people feel about their given names. I felt the same way about my name as a child. I tried to think up much more feminine and exotic sounding names. Now I love my name. It's part of who I am. I can't imagine changing it.

  3. Lee. One of my favorite names for a woman.


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