Thursday, January 11, 2007

Studio Friday: Travels


I have traveled many places in my life, and hope to travel many more. I have traveled just about all over Canada and the USA. I have been to Europe and found my favorite place on earth to be Italy. From its majestic hilltop villages to its breathtaking beauty of its beaches. My favorite city has to be hands down Venice. We stayed in a hotel right on the canal, in our room we able to see the boats traveling up and down the canal doing there daily business. The water buses, the Italians going to work, we even saw a funeral, with all the mourners in there own boats following the casket. we heard and saw amazing sights and sounds. The smell of the city was something not to be forgotten (no not the canal), cooking , oils, people all mixed together in those tight little alleyways they call streets. The colors' and history could boggle your mind. The ride on the canal at night on a Gondola, hearing the quiet looking into lives' of people as you passed by their house truly amazing. Nothing there was new, it was all old and full of history, I could have stayed there for months and still not taken everything. I hope one day to go back there with my sketchbook and my digital camera and record these amazing sights.


  1. That sounds fantastic. Somewhere I would love to go. This Friday has been an incredible journey, vacationing all over the world in memories of very special trips.
    thank you! stephanie

  2. Lee, Italy is also one of my favorite places, although I haven't been there for 20 years. I never went to Venice, but I did explore Florence, Genoa and Como pretty thoroughly. We've made a commitment to go for our 20th anniversary in 2009 - can't wait!

  3. I loved Florence when I went there- mainly because it gave me the excuse to eat pizza for every meal!

  4. ...Lee...I am hoping to get to Cortona, Italy for my 50th this is a place that I would like to see after watching the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun".......


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