Wednesday, June 20, 2007

10 minute sketch - Rolex

Just a little sketch of my daughters boyfriends dog. I did not get to the eyes as I did this sketch from memory and I did not want to get the eyes wrong. There is a beautiful story behind this dog. My daughter and her boyfriend were on their way home one cold winter night minus 40 that is how cold it was. They saw this dog running (puppy) around loose. The boyfriend stopped the car and after about 30 minutes coached the dog into the car. He took him home, looked for tags, went to the vet to see if it had an ear tag implanted but no. Somebody had adandoned this dog and left it to die, we don't know how long he had been running around in that cold weather. He took him to the SPCA in case somebody was looking for him, left him there for three days, nobody claimed him, so he took him back. Decided he better get his shots, and he kept him.
He is the most gentle loving dog, but must have been mistreated because he is scared if you move suddenly. ANyway a happy story they named him Rolex, I call him Rollie and I love him just as much as my daughter and her boyfriend.,


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