Saturday, June 30, 2007

Inspiration Thursday...Light

When I saw the topic I immediately thought of Litehouse. I have this thing for Litehouse and their stories. All through the Maritimes, they have the coolest litehouses. On our vacation their a couple of years ago I made the hubby stop at all of them. Hope you like my quick little watercolour, not my best I am in hurry going away for a week on vacation and still havent packed but wanted to submit...


  1. Anonymous4:04 PM

    My husband has a thing for light houses too but he is from Nova Scotia nice to know someone else in the family like them too
    have a great time with your sister & mom
    say hi to them
    from cousin Kathy

  2. visiting from inspire me thursday

    a light in the dark; very inspirational.

    we stopped at pigeon point a few weeks ago and took some photos of the whales. they have a hostil there and we thought we might return for a weekend to just get away

  3. What an inspirational painting! You show the strength and sturdiness of the lighthouse as a beacon of hope and guide through the storm

  4. I really like this!

  5. Lee..
    I love quick paintings...This one is wonderful...

  6. your lighthouse has such strength and solidity!

  7. Lee, I really like this! Lighthouses always have such wonderful stories to tell...

  8. Lee, your lighthouse is charming!

  9. Hi Lee, I'm late looking at this but I like it. The only light house I've seen up close was a short automated one - yours would have been much nicer!


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