Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Summertime in the City.....

Meet my Dad, My grandmother and my great grandmother. I never knew the ladies they died quite young. My dad also died young 54 years old. So as It nears father's day I think of him. My mother never married again. She says once you have found the best you can never replace him. I cant believe I have not posted since Saturday....Whatever have I been doing...working, cleaning, being a good wife, good mother, good daughter. and trying like hell to get some art done in between all these things. The art did not win out, I did not do Studio Friday, Inspiration Thursday last week at all. I went down to the studio tried a few things and came upstairs, when you dont have you just dont have it...The house is quiet the hubby is out of town till tommorow, the daughter is working and just me, I should be creating but no I am cleaning out my clothes cupboard, obsessing and organizing that is what I do when I am stressed. Hubby likes it says I get alot done lol. Well should close want to get that cupboard done before bed, talk to you all tommorow...


  1. Marianne11:09 PM

    Memories can be inspiration too. Keep those memories close to your heart on Father's Day. Write in your book your thoughts on that special day as you remember your father.

  2. Anonymous6:50 AM

    I think of him often also as he was the best Uncle in the world he always made me feel special miss his laugh his smile and his great sense of humor
    keep posting the great pictures


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