Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Its all about Me Time in 7 months....

Today was a funny day at work. I thought alot about my friend Lois who is leaving work at the end of this week just to stay home after 30 years on the job. I thought about how she must be feeling and how I will feel when that happens to me next year. I will be happy, yep I will be dancing with joy....I have worked long and hard in my life and now I am ready for alot of me time, and family time. I will just take my time and chill. I will stay up as late as I want to and sleep till I wake up. I will not be on a regimented schedule...I will travel when I want and for however long I want to be away and not worry about holidays running out.....I am ready to retire.....


  1. Kathy1:04 PM

    I am ready to retire too but I can not say it will happen in 1 year I would be excited too if I knew I was retiring in 1 yr
    keep up the hard work a you only have 1 year till retiredmess and that would be great
    or are you going to be like hubby and find an other job
    cousin kathy

  2. Anonymous3:31 PM

    just count down the days like chirstmas lol..........sis

  3. Sounds heavenly. I've been off all summer playing artist for the first time in 20-something years ... and it IS fabulous. Hoping never to go back to the 9-5! Wishing you much enjoyment and pursuit of your happiness!


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