Monday, July 16, 2007

My Hometown

I have joined my first ever "swap" called my hometown. What you do is fill up a box with things about your hometown and send them to the person who you have been matched with. I have been matched with Jess. Now I am worried that my box will not be as cool as everybody elses box. Firstly I have never done this before, I think all the people on Make a Connections have done swaps many times. I am thinking and am open to suggestions of things to put in my box, about my Hometown. If you were in the swap what would you put in your box, really I need help, if you have never made a comment on this blog now is the time to do it. Help ME.... Well I was going to take another week of holidays off but did not pan out, as we are short a girl, who is on holidays and we need to keep the staffing levels up. It is just as well, as after my two weeks off it was very hard to come back to work and get in the groove....Well got to go, make a comment and tell me what you would put in your Hometown box, give me some Ideas...


  1. Anonymous8:36 PM

    You could put something about the oilers or about oil in general Lee. Maybe something to do with the river valley?

  2. I've never done a swap as well, but if I were the other swapper (do we say this?!), I would be really, really happy just to get this illustration of yours! Other things that come to my mind:
    a postcard
    a city map (some people collect them)
    a flag, a pin, a pen or something else with the city's simbol
    something to eat that's typical of your city (as long as it can be mailed!)
    some shells (if there's a beach), or nice rocks (small ones!) or dried flowers/leaves
    a brochure (try the tourism office for some ideas)
    well, that's about what I can think of!

  3. Marianne7:41 PM

    How about going to tourism in that City and getting some information on things to do in the City.


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