Thursday, July 05, 2007

Yes that is right I am in the hot spot of Winnipeg..

Kal quessed right, I am in Winnipeg, enjoying the heat and humidity. Tommorrow is suppose to be another hot humid day but I am getting used to them. Leaving Sunday for home hubby says its hot there to. Today we toured Winnipeg, I must say they really have inspiring buildings. They have not ripped up their old homes like most cities, they have saved them, redone them and they look great. Old imposing homes with great lawns, flowers. There is a corner store just about on every block. Where I live we only have 7 eleven and lets just say they are not on every corner. What ever happened to the day of the corner store, where you could just run up and get a carton on milk. Winnipeg really has not lost that old town feeling, which I think is really nice. We went to the forks today, walked around, and had dinner at the Old Spagetti Factory, it was a really nice day all in all. We are home now because my sister likes Big Brother and it starts tonight and she did not want to miss it. Well probably wont post any more until I get home on Sunday. Thinking about Studio Friday and will try to post that on Sunday as well. I have been doing some sketching and some watercolour well here. The boys are interested so we have been having art everyday....they are a hoot....


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