Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Can you guess where I am....

As you might or might not know i am away for about a week on vacation helping my sister. Now here is a hint...the misquitoes are giant sized. Well I have arrived at my holiday destianation. My sister has 2 kids and a cat named Lou Lou. Well you would not think a fifty something year old would be afraid of a little oh pussy cat would you. Wrong, I am...I have an irrational fear of cats which I am trying to overcome which is not going so well. I like all other pets but cats..I dont know. Apparently LOU LOU knows I dont really like her she has been stalking me around the house. Last night coming out of the bedroom she was waiting at the door for me. I had to phone my sister from upstairs to come and get her. Oh well enough of my life. I am taking the boys who are 10 and 8 to see Sherk tommorow so they are looking forward to that. Holidays just started two days ago for them and they are bored already, my poor sister has a very long summer ahead of her. Well should go and find out where everybody is (including the cat). Talk to you all soon with another clue of my where abouts.


  1. Anonymous1:51 PM

    I know where you are but I won't tell enjoy your visit with the boys and your sister and tell them they should come out this way and we could entertain the boys as well
    Have a great visit and I hope you don't get eaten alive by the mosquitos or the cat
    but I know Lou Lou is waiting for you as they know you don't like them or are afraid of them and they take full advantage
    have a great vacation
    love alway cousin Kathy


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