Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Fabulous Life

Well I did say I was not going to post tonight but it was very quiet around here for Halloween we only got about 50 kids and it was all done at about 8:30. So I went down to the studio to work on this piece some more. I am actually doing this women on canvas for my bedroom. Of course the canvas is long and skinny the background is not the same, and the woman is more defined, this was just a quick outline piece for my art journal. On the canvas there will be no words....Well tomorrow night is out with the girls, for a few drinks, dinner and good times. If I have time I might post and have some pictures to show you. Hope you all had a great Halloween.


  1. like it! Lee have a great weekend and a fun night out with the girls.

  2. Oh, I really like this one! I want to see the finished canvas painting!! That should be great in the bedroom.

    Have fun tonight with the girls!!

  3. I find it interesting that her life was "Fabulous", even "Alone and Lonely". I have to think about that a little bit, Lee.

  4. Hope you had a fun time hanging out with girls :) That's what I could need too....


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