Thursday, October 11, 2007

So you think your sexy....

Well another art journal page. I am really loving working on my art journal.....This weekend I am leaving the journal and going to work on a canvas that I am going to do for my bedroom. Keep your fingers crossed that It turns out the way I see it. I wont finish it but I want to get a good start on it. I think that I am going to do a small version of it first to get it right and then go for the big one. If the peice turns out the way I want it I will show it on my blog if not you will never see it.....Today was a perfect fall day, it was warm, a hint of a breeze. Went out with my daughter and mother for dinner (hubby was at a meeting)a little shopping at the mall (bought a couple of christmas presents it is never to early to start your Christmas shopping. This year I am going to make Christmas cards, paint a something. I just dont know what yet. Have you ever made christmas cards, what did you do....


  1. I hope we get a peek at your canvas when its finished?

  2. Hi Lee! Have fun with your painting, however it turns out.
    I shipped your art yesterday, and hopefully it won't take TOO long to arrive. (First Class International) I don't have a tracking number, because that was prohibitively expensive... Let me know when it arrives!

  3. Hope you will like the way it goes and we see it here ;) smiles Anke ;)Have fun and enjoy!


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