Friday, October 26, 2007

Inspiration Thursday-All things Halloween - The underworld

I had a blast doing this one, Underworld
The wind begins to howl and moan
A coyote is on the prowl and all alone
The from nowhere the ground opens up and what should appear
The devil in a glossy coat of green is here
He hunts alone and with his spear
Sniffs the air and knows his prey is near
He seizes the man who moans in fear
The ground opens up and they both disappear



  1. Lee did you write this or is it a poem...loved it!!

  2. Lee did you write this or is it a poem...loved it!!

  3. A, here you are publishing! It seems your work is gettimg more layered every time: nice!
    Btw: thanks for your supporting reply :)

  4. Oh yes, I can see how much fun you had! Great halloween piece!

  5. The layers are great. I especially like the rough edge on the paper, it adds to the design.

  6. love the textures in this!

  7. spooky! Mamas, keep your children indoors!

  8. Ooh creepy. Great idea for the prompt.

  9. Wow, this is totally cool and scary. what a great piece. (from a gal who loves skeletons) Oh yes, I like the Hotel California one too. The picture you did as well as the strange, wonderful song. xo


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